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Volume of a Cone

Today we are going to calculate the volume of a cone. A cone is a geometrical object in the shape shown here. Most people are familiar with the shape of a cone such as a ice cream come.

 Volume of a cone  Cone

Now let us look more closely at a cone.

Cone volume

Each cone has a circular base with radius r. From the circular base, you must also measure the vertical height, labelled h, from the sharpest point of the cone to the circular base. This height must be vertical and perpendicular to the circular base. Once you know the height and the radius, you are ready to calculate the volume of the cone.

The volume of a cone is given by the equation:

Volume of cone

In another word, the volume of a cone is a third times pi times the radius squared times height. The radius squared is the multiplication of the radius by itself. Pi is a mathematical quantity which is equal to roughly 3.141...


That's it! Now you can calculate the volume of a cone with circular base.