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Isosceles Triangle

An Isosceles triangle is a unique kind of triangle whose properties are often used in geometry. The picture of an Isosceles triangle is shown below. An Isosceles triangle can also be called an acute Isosceles triangle if all angles of the Isosceles triangle are less than 90 degrees. If one of the angles of an Isosceles triangle is an obtuse angle, then the Isosceles triangle is called an Obtuse Isosceles triangle.

Isosceles triangle

Definition of Isosceles triangle

An Isosceles triangle is a triangle which two sides are of the same length (given by S) and the two angles opposite where the two equal sides meet are also equal (given by x). That means Isosceles triangles can be defined in two ways. The first way to define an Isosceles triangle is by two equal size. When two sides of a triangle are equal, you have an Isosceles triangle. You can then use the properties of Isosceles triangles to solve geometry problems such as two equal angles.

Alternatively, if you define a triangle by two equal angles, you will have yourself an Isosceles triangle as well since with two equal angles the sides are forces to be equal automatically. So, given two equal angles, you can use the other property of an Isosceles triangle which is two equal sides.

Pictures of Isosceles Triangles

Below are pictures of Isosceles Triangles.

Isosceles Triangles Pictures