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Geometry Shapes

Everywhere you look, you will see many geometry shapes. Geometry shapes can be 2 dimensional such as on a playing card. The card, below, is rectangular which is a geometry shape and contains 3 diamonds which are geometry shapes. Other geometry shapes are three dimensional. Oranges are often round so they are geometry shapes with imperfections. The Eiffel Tower consists of serious geometry shapes all packed together to form the great monument of France.

Geometrical shapes  Geometry Shape Geometry shapes

When studying geometry and to help you study geometry, you can draw the geometry shapes yourself and learn geometry. Drawing geometry shapes is not difficult. You can also buy plastic or clay geometry shapes at any toy stores. Common geometry shales are circles, ovals, rectangles, squares, and triangles. These geometry shapes have very unique and interesting properties which we shall learn in other Geometry Help sections.

Geometry Shapes

How many geometry shapes are there?

There are countless number of geometry shapes. Why? Because any shapes can be viewed as geometry shapes since geometry shapes are any shapes, figures in any position in space. That is why the study of geometry shapes is so fascinating.